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RevShark’s Stock of the Week

Chip Stock Setup Well Into Earnings

07/21/14 07:56 AM

This Chip Stock is expected to grow earnings substantially the next two years and is trading with an attractive PE. It is setup well technically into its earnings reports next week.

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Stalking Stocks with the Shark

New Year's Fireworks

01/03/13 09:17 AM

Stocks started the new year with a bang, leaving many market players scrambling to keep pace. How we react over the next few days could set the tone for the rest of the quarter.

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Shark Blog

Shark Blog

Updated Continuously

We've just launched a brand spanking new blog here at Shark Investing. Our aim is to illustrate the Shark approach, present some actionable ideas, and have some fun along the way. We hope you enjoy....

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RevShark... has been far more patient, far more correct, far less anticipatory and far more practical than I! ~ Doug Kass

I read Rev's book then signed up for the Shark Investing website; what followed was a $8,000 gain in my portfolio in two days. Thanks for being here for us small Shark Investors. You guys are a great investment. ~ Joe R.

I'd like to thank you, James, for helping me to be the best Individual Investor I can be. Since 2007 my... portfolio is at 80%. I cashed in all pensions (2), Roth IRA, Mutual Fund. Now I manage my own money, stocks, bonds, and other investments. ~ Matt K.

Rev, your article saved me a good deal of money. Many thanks ~ Rocky
Rev, read your piece and am reaping the profits now. ~ Steven

Good call on HOOK, Rev ~ Paul A.

Rev you rock--I just wish I had started listening to your advice earlier this year when we were in downtrend--at least this time, I went mainly to cash/short term trades at the top of the range. ~ Jim G.

Rev - thanks for your market analysis and commentary. you have made me money and  saved me money. again thanks, keep up  the good work. Roy C.

Dear Rev:
I was given your book as a Christmas present.  It is a excellent read!!! I was so impressed, I joined your web site. I am already impressed with your numerous daily emails.  Well done indeed !!!
A very happy new member,

I've been following your advice for over three years, and if I had the discipline to follow it even close to 50%, I'd be a lot richer! 
Tony A.

Nice to have such a sensible co-pilot while trying to navigate through this storm.

Rev, the best advice I've read anywhere.
Too bad the majority doesn't get it.
Michael O., VP

…We have been following you for the last few years now and give you almost sole credit for keeping our clients in the clear. We’ve worked for Merrill for the last 15 years. It took a long time to change the ways we were groomed in, but we did.
Best, Kara